About Our Books

Every parent would like their children to develop positive character, but how does that happen?  It starts at a very young age as children learn to recognize and name their own emotions.  With practice and parental coaching, children learn strategies to manage their own emotions.  Managing emotions provides a firm foundation for the development of character and other social-emotion skills needed to be successful in school, relationships, and in the workplace.

 You can enjoy the Let’s Learn about Emotions with Kiwi books with your children by reading them out loud together.  In each story, Kiwi explains his own feelings and asks questions that child and parent can answer together.  Throughout each story, the loveable Kiwi tries a variety of strategies to keep his emotions calm and in control.  Each emotion is a different color and varies in color intensity based on its emotional intensity.  Plush Kiwi’s provide children with a visual and calming tactile experience with Kiwi.

Self regulation strategies used in our books:

  1. Recognizing and understanding why we have certain feelings.
  2. Understanding how they affect our physical bodies.
  3. Recognizing emotions in others and responding with empathy.
  4. Recognizing the value of emotions in keeping us safe.
  5. Explaining emotions with words and pictures.
  6. Understanding changes in feelings through degrees of emotion
  7. Empowering children with simple self-management techniques

Research behind it all

The Let’s Learn about Emotions program is based on the research work of Dr. Robert Plutchik's Psychoevolutionary Theory of Basic Emotions.  His theory suggests that 8 basic emotions that contribute to helping children name and recognize emotions in themselves and others.  Helping your child become aware of and manage his own emotions will provide him with a head start in finding adjusting to and finding success in a more formal school setting.